Weekly Reflections

What is a Christian? 28 Feb 10

What is a Christian?

A week or so ago, the youth group did a simple quiz which some of the adults heard about and showed some interest in. So here it is. It is a true or false quiz. How many can you get right?

What do you think MAKES someone a Christian?

a. Being baptised in church                    T/F

b. Doing good things                            T/F

c. Trusting in Jesus                               T/F

d. Believing that God exists                   T/F

e. Helping others                                   T/F

f. Going to church as much as possible             T/F

g. Reading the Bible every day             T/F

h. Eating healthy food                           T/F

Here is another quiz about belief.

What do I believe?

I believe Jesus is the Son of God

I believe Jesus rose from the dead

I believe I am forgiven for my sin.

I am certain I will go to heaven.

I believe others should hear about Jesus

I believe the Bible tells me the truth about Jesus.


Are there any of these statements that you are not sure about?