They love you. But in a sort of practical way. Not too much show. Certainly not too much sentiment.

They love your mother. They keep on loving her. They show their boys how a wife is to be loved. They show their daughters how their husbands are to love them.

They love God. Well, not all of our fathers love God. But the good ones do. Loving God makes a huge difference to being a father. The difference is that there are two fathers to learn from. All of us have learned both good and bad from our natural fathers. When the Father of the Lord Jesus becomes our father we learn his love, and patience, and wisdom. More than that he gives us the Spirit of his Son (this applies to mothers too of course).

Once we know we are children of that Father we can talk to him, and ask his help. And just as it happened with our natural father, we start to act like him. We grow up thinking like him, and more and more become like him.

And in turn we pass on that wisdom and character to our own children. They in turn will have good memories not only of their natural father but of his Father whom they saw in his life and character and actions. That will be worth remembering. And being thankful for.