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The Great Exodus

The Great Exodus

Do you remember the time when Jesus was speaking with Moses and Elijah on the mountain. They were three mountain men. Jesus liked climbing up mountains. Moses and Elijah both climbed the same mountain at different times (do you remember which mountain it was?).

The three mountain men also had another thing in common. They were all Great Rescuers of God's people. On the occasion when the three of them got together they had an audience of three who would become agents of the Great Rescue that Jesus set going (although poor James didn't have a very long innings).

Luke tells us what they were talking about. How fascinating to be able to read a report of this amazing chat. And what were they talking about? Jesus' Exodus that he was about to bring to fulfilment at Jerusalem (Lk 9.31 our English translations use the word "departure").


Moses must have been amazed, don't you think? Another Exodus, but this time rescuing people from sin, death,  judgement and the power of the evil one. All the Big Rescues that humans really needed.
The first exodus was such a great event that a special meal was eaten every year to remember what God had done. Jesus ate it just before he led his people on the Great Exodus via the cross. But he changed the words of the old Passover ceremony and said that from now on they were to remember his death instead.

And that is what we do. We remember that God sent his son, not just a great prophet. That he rescued us by Jesus' death.

After Moses' exodus, the Lord taught the people how to live as his rescued people. He gave them quite a lot of instructions. But he didn't give them the heart to be able to keep them. It was as though the instructions were to keep reminding them that they needed another kind of rescue.

And when Jesus came he not only repeated the same kinds of instructions, but gave the crucial missing help. He gave them his Spirit and with the Sprit a new heart. This side of Jesus' Exodus is a life lived with God in us, his instructions written on our hearts, and his Spirit leading the way.