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Galatians Reading Guide

Reading Guide to Galatians

You might like to use this sheet to help you read the letter to the Galatians

First read the letter right through in one sitting.


Then read it again looking for:

1. Context:

  • To whom was it written? Is this unusual among NT letters?

  • Where were they located?

  • When had Paul visited them?

  • When did Paul write the letter? Was it after or before the Council in Jerusalem (Acts 15)?

2. People:

  • What does Paul tell us about himself?

  • What is his explanation for his change of direction?

  • What does the letter tell us about the “false brothers”?

3. Content:

  • What themes in the opening greeting (1.1-5) are developed in the rest of the letter?

  • What is the main issue in the letter?

  • What is the relationship of the death of Christ to the main issue?

  • How does Paul think believers should live the Christian life if they are freed from observing the law?

  • What kinds of slavery does Paul describe?

  • Which of this teaching is found in the Old Testament? What is new to the NT?

4. Us:

  • What does the letter have to say to modern Christians and churches?

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