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Christ will come again! Advent Studies 2010

Christ will come again!     Advent Studies 2010

"Christ will come again" is available as a downloadable pdf file, ready to be printed as a small booklet. Click here to view, right click to save to your computer

These four studies aim to help us think about the implications of living in the “last days”. In the time leading up to the return of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The studies are designed for individual, family, and small group use. The Sunday sermons will follow the same themes. Individuals and groups are encouraged to use the studies in the week preceding the sermon.

Each week a number of readings are provided on the theme for the week for your personal reading and reflection. These readings also form the basic readings for the study groups.



Week ending on Sunday

November 28:  The Return of Christ

December 5: Living like Christ

December 12: Making it to the End

December 19: Gathering the Nations


How to use the  studies

You are encouraged to read the Bible readings slowly and prayerfully.  This means seeing if you can turn what you read into prayer.

“For Thought and Talk” are meant to help us understand the scriptures better. They can be used individually, in family discussions, or in small groups. As well as thinking and talking, we need to ask ourselves how we should apply what we read.   Small groups should leave time to turn what they have discussed into prayer.

You can download the Advent Studies in the form of a printable booklet. Click here to view, right click to save to your computer

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