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Another new start? 13 June 10

Another new start?

June seems a strange time to be starting a new year, but it is one of our new beginnings. In this case the start of a new Church Council’s work. The new financial year began on May 1. It feels a bit like New Year in Indonesia where they celebrate three official New Years (with holidays): the Gregorian calendar New Year, Chinese New Year and Islam’s New Year. Although the latter two are lunar years they seem not always to coincide.

Maybe that is like modern life. New beginnings are happening all the time. If you believe the hype about the latest electronic gadgets, wonderful new beginnings are happening more and more often.

Some think that the motto of the Anglican Church is  “As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be”. But that belongs to a past age. Nothing stays the same. Churches that want to maintain their life as it was are losing it. Churches don’t remain constant any more. They atrophy and die, or else they change and grow.

New starts are part of that change. Perhaps they should be called small adaptations. But with what purpose? Not for their own sake. Hopefully not due to the whim of those who have power. A church that is dedicated to being the church of Christ the King, keeps on adapting its life to serve the two great purposes the King set us.

To grow the church up to a maturity that corresponds to Christ himself. Growing up goes in stages, fits and starts maybe. When does a church or a person become mature, really grown up? Most of us suspect that it is always a matter of becoming, of growing. With churches it also involves regenerating, drawing in new members, akin to families regenerating by adding generations.

Which is the second mandate (or is it the first?). Witnessing, proclaiming, discipling, talking, explaining, urging, praying that others will turn their lives to serve the King.

It is these great tasks that we are engaged in. This year we hope to add a new assistant to our staff to help in the ministry in Canning Vale. We are starting new ventures in Willetton. We are about to start another Alpha Course. We will continue other ventures and keep on seeking ways to being the great evangel to any who will hear.  Please keep praying and having a share wherever you can.


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