Fear is an easy answer. Lack of understanding of what repentance and forgiveness means? A fearful ignorance of what a disciple is? An embarrassment with the gospel of Christ crucified? Lack of real belief in God's judgment? A general poverty of understanding the scriptures? An embarrassment with what is understood of the scriptures? A confusion between being a disciples and being religious?

All or most of the above?

Whichever is the case we need to do something about it. A report this week said that soon there will be more Christians in China than there are citizens in the USA. Of course there are a lot of people in China. The number of Protestant Christians in China has grown from one million in 1949 to more than 49 million in 2010. The present 5% of Christians will be 9% by 2030. How has this come about?

By evangelism and persecution. By the Spirit of God. By the gospel being spoken and lived.

What to do?