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What's Good about Christ the King Church? 31Aug14

What's Good about Christ the King Church?

Lots of things. Well, for today, here a few things that encourage me.

People who pray. It is so encouraging to hear people pray. Our first Monday morning Bible Study group last finished with lots of prayer. I am thankful for the people who meet in twos or threes and in small groups to pray.

People who are having a go at connecting with not-yet-believers. Some do this on their own. Others team up and try different ways of building bridges to the gospel and Christ's church. Some of our attempts don't work. But that is good. It is good to have had a go and tried something. Some of the things that have worked best in my experience have been things that needed two or three attempts to get them going.


It is encouraging too to see the regular members each week meeting and contributing and welcoming and praying. We have been through what seems like a winter hibernation. Some of the leaves have fallen off the tree. But soon it will be spring and we pray that we will see new blossoming and fruit.

Christ the King is going through a growth stage that doesn't feel like growth. The growth is happening where people are realising that they are the church. That they themselves are disciples, and where they are more and more taking responsibility for the building up and growth of the church.

This taking of responsibility to be members of Christ's body and to be disciples who disciple others is a crucial part of the change that the church in general has to go through. It is encouraging to see some of it happening amongst us.

And there is more. What encourages you about Christ the King Church?




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