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Hope for the Church?

11 Oct 2009

One of the continuing questions is whether Christianity has a future. Some hope it will die out, but those who predict future trends think that both Islam and Christianity will continue to grow.

An associated question is whether the Anglican church has a future. The answer to this is much less certain given the continuing aging of the membership.  But there are signs of hope – at least in some parts of the Anglican world. Unfortunately for us these parts tend to be in Africa, South America and South East Asia.

Is there hope that the Anglican Church in Willetton and Canning Vale will survive and even grow? It depends doesn’t it?  On...


God’s good grace to pour out his Spirit. On ... his people obeying Jesus and bringing the message of repentance and forgiveness so people can become disciples of Jesus. On ... his people giving priority to his mission.

It is difficult sometimes to get past the immediate concerns of running the church. Making sure the things that have to be done this Sunday are done, and keeping the property tidy and maintained. So we need to keep looking up and out to see the harvest we have been called to work in, and the lost sheep that are to be led back.

We have been blessed by being placed in a fertile mission field. One of our tasks is to be strategic and intentional about how we reach out with the gospel and build the church. It usually requires courage and humility. Humility in the sense that we have to submit our  own plans and agendas to the ministry of bringing the gospel and building the church.

One of the questions that is worth asking is, “How does any particular activity/ministry/event contribute to the strengthening of disciples, or the building up of the church, or the spread of the gospel?”


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