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Look up and Look out

18 Oct 2009

Did you know that Church Council has been contributing 10 percent of our giving to seven mission groups?  ABM, CMS, BCA, CCE, Indian Inland Mission, Kokstad, and Sonshine FM. Since the beginning of May we have sent more than $3,000 to these groups.

Is it worth while contributing to such groups? They always say they appreciate our donations of course, but is it helpful to us?: Would we be better off using the money here in Willetton? Are we giving just because we ought to?

I suppose one of the reasons for giving to groups like these is because we think they are doing something that the Lord has his hand in – and we want to have a share in it (like the Macedonians mentioned in 2 Cor 8).


It is possible that there are other mission groups that we could contribute to as well. If you have a suggestion please speak to me.

However we are looking for representatives for each of these groups. We want to do more than just send money each quarter – we want to help people understand, connect and contribute in a variety of ways  (and to know what the abbreviations stand for). So if you would like to be a representative in the parish for one of the groups (or for another group) please speak to me.

What kind of group would we want to contribute to? Because we are people called to share the good news of Christ crucified, we would want to support groups that believed the same, especially groups directly involved in bringing the gospel to others. In a needy world we would want to work with groups that were bring the gospel to the poor and also helping them become self-providing (as distinct from maintaining them in their poverty).

Interested  in getting involved in any of the above groups?


PS You may like to read a review of an interesting book that deals with giving to churches in poor countries. It is called To Give or not to Give? You can read the review here.


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